Top things to do in Auckland area


You have just arrived in Auckland and you probably planned what you want to see and do during your stay in the “City of Sails”. It doesn’t matter whether you are in the inner city or a bit away from the crowded streets because here on every corner you can find something exciting to do. Auckland is a great mix of lively city streets, long beaches and beautiful rainforests and sometimes, to get the best experience, you don’t really have to spend a lot of money.

To make traveling more affordable it is always good to know what you can do for free and where you can find a few cheap activities. To help you save some money I gathered some of the best free and cheap things to do while you are in the biggest city of New Zealand!

1. Spend your morning at the farmers market

During mornings on the weekends there’s a lot going on in the city centre and a bit away. Saturday and Sunday markets are great places to taste the food from all over the world and of course to buy some nice products from the farmers. Markets in Coatesville and Otara are colourful places to be and to enjoy delicious meal for a few dollars.

IMG_26492. Explore Auckland Domain

Few minutes from the city centre is a true nature oasis. Auckland Domain is a big city park where you can have a nice picnic near the lake and a walk through the native bush, just choose between the Lovers Walk and Centennial walkway. Stop for a moment at the Winter garden, its courtyard is very peaceful place, just what you need to enjoy the atmosphere.

IMG_25683. For a bit of history stop at the Auckland War Memorial Museum

While you are at the Auckland Domain you can visit this great museum. It is really huge and you will need at least two hours to wander around. Museum is open every day from 10 to 17. Admission is 25$ for international travelers but if you are on the Working Holiday you can use the letter from the IRD as your proof of Auckland address and enter for free.

DSC026304. Check out craters of the volcanoes – view from the top is magnificent!

You won’t often be in the city that lies on more than 50 volcanos. Here you have the opportunity to walk around the craters and as they are on the top of the hill you will have the chance to enjoy magnificent view over Auckland. If you want to see city lights during the night, perfect place for it is definitely Mt Eden cone. Take a walk to the One Tree Hill and Mt Wellington too.

DSC027075Free, fresh meal straight from the sea is always a good idea!

You love seafood and would really like to taste some of the sea shells? There are a few places near Auckland where you can collect cockles from the beach during the low tide. Usually it is allowed to pick up 50 shells a day per person what is definitely enough for a very nice and fresh bite. Just take a walk around Okoromai Bay and you will easily get free and delicious meal!

To be continued in the next post! Happy travels!

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