Welcome to my travel blog!

putujuciblog.comEverybody has a little something in their life that makes them happy, right? They can talk about it for hours, love to listen stories about it, read about it and maybe write about it from time to time… Yeah, for me that “little” thing is traveling.

Here you can find out a bit more about the places we visited and check out the photos of some great destinations. Traveling is my biggest inspiration and I will use it here to inspire you to hit the road and meet different people and cultures, taste the food from all over the world and to do something new and exciting every day!

Travelers, readers and fellow bloggers, thanks a lot for stopping by, you are more than welcome to share your travel experiences with me, comment my stories and photos, tell us where to go next and what we shouldn’t miss on our journey!

And remember: life is only one, don’t forget to live it!

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18 thoughts on “Welcome to my travel blog!

  1. We are probably going to Eastern Europe later this year, including Croatia, so I look forward to reading your posts about it.
    Thanks so much for following our blog! I hope you enjoy the stories of our journey, both inner and outer.
    Cheers, and happy travels

  2. Thank you for the follow. Travelling makes us free and more aware of ourselves. I am with you on the jounrey and will be coming back to read & join on your travel tales.


  3. Hey, sorry for the late response, our holiday here has kept me busy with family. Looking forward to following your travel site. I hope you enjoy following my travels and photography as well.

  4. I connect with your first sentence regarding writing about travel and being so totally into it. It is so compelling. So glad to know there are others like me.

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