Wellington Waterfront Walk

I was reading my old posts recently and in one of them, after we visited Wellington seven years ago, I wrote: “You know how in some places you just feel right at home? That’s how I feel when I’m in Wellington.”

Wellington is now our home. We moved here in 2018 from the South Island and we love it. It is a vibrant city, there is always something to do, it has plenty of great restaurants, pubs and bars and on top of that the nature is beautiful.

The weather? There is a saying here “You can’t beat Wellington on a good day”, and you really can’t but also if you can’t stand the wind this place won’t be your favourite. Wellington is known as one of the windiest cities in the world and it’s pretty windy most of the time. Actually, it’s strange when there is no wind. Sometimes when we go out and there is no breeze at least, it feels like something is missing, it’s so quiet…

Rain or shine, my favourite place in the city is the waterfront. As I live a few minutes from there, that’s my go to place for a daily walk. Here are a few photos I took to show you why I like it so much…

Clyde Quay Boat Harbour Heritage Area
Sunday Market, you can buy fish straight from the fishing boat.
Oriental Bay Beach
Summer vibes!
Beautiful sunsets…

I’ll definitely share more about Wellington in my future posts. The city has so much to offer and I hope one day you’ll have a chance to visit it and see it for yourself.

Have you been in Wellington? What’s your favourite part of New Zealand? Comment below!

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