All around Sardinia

I’m sure already everybody is waiting for the hot sunny days and the time to get lazy on the beach. Did you already think about your summer destination? Which beach would you choose? I can suggest you one great island with awesome climate, long sandy beaches and everything else you may wish for. Go to Sardinia! As I have already told you the cheapest way to get there is from Venice or Trieste. Look for cheap plane tickets on the Ryanair site, fly to Cagliari and let it be the first stop of your summer adventure.

Day in Cagliari

Spend a day walking around the beautiful, colored, narrow streets of Cagliari. Go to the Rampart of Saint Remy and don’t forget to be there during the sunset. You don’t want to miss that! Cagliari IMG_2284 IMG_2314 Enjoy on the beaches!

Poetto is a city beach ten minutes from the center. It is usually very crowded so maybe it is better for you to go a bit farther away from the town. Beaches you definitely need to go to are Chia and Costa Rei. Those places are great for a day trip so take some food for a picnic and spend a day on the sand.

Costa rei
Costa Rei

Take a train ride to Alghero

Catch a train from Cagliari to Alghero and you will get there in around 5 hours. This place has a beautiful old town and I’m sure that you will love it too. Take a walk along the sea walls and Piazza Civica, visit Cattedrale di Santa Maria and Forte della Madalena. If you don’t know where to stay you can always take a tent with you and spend a night at one of the camping sites. We did that and it was really great! Alghero Camp in Palau

Palau is a small municipality in the province of Olbia. It is a really nice small port town and a great place for hiking. Take a walk to the Capo d’Orso for a great view over the archipelago. If you what to try some kitesurfing, sailing or diving go to the Porto Pollo beach. It is more than 3 km long and it is definitely best place to enjoy water sports. Palau La Madalena archipelago

Maybe one of the most beautiful places here is La Maddalena archipelago. Crystal clear sea, rocky terrain and Pink beach (Spiagga Rossa on Budelli, one of the islands of the Archipelago) is what makes this place special. You can get here by a ferry from Palau, it takes only 15 minutes. Take a walk through La Maddalena town, have a lunch in one of the restaurants and buy some souvenirs. Of course you also need to find your spot in one of the coves – it is time to tan! La Madalena

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