This was just the beginning!

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It’s been more than a year since we arrived on the other side of the magnificent globe! Now I can say that working holiday in New Zealand was the dream that came true. Even though we came to this island without any strict plans somehow I knew that we will love it here. A bit more than a year after we landed, on the land of the long white cloud, we manage to extend our stay for three more years. Can you believe that!? There’s so much more to do and now with no rush I can plan our next travel steps…

Really good first year is behind us and no one knows what will be in the near future. But, that’s what makes life even more exciting, isn’t it? Seems that decision to quit the job back home, to pack the bags and to come here was just the beginning of the one in a life time adventure that will last hmmm….who knows for how long! If someone told me two years ago that I will live in New Zealand I would probably say “yeah right”. But here I’m, enjoying every second with the great people in this beautiful country.

Here are the travel highlights from the first 365 days. Time is flying so fast, feels like we arrived a few days ago…


First morning looked like this….

In New Zealand we dicovered house sitting and our first few months here definitely belong to the best furry friends ever that we took care of!

There’s no place in the Auckland City that we didn’t explore…


Our steps now can be found on the beaches all around North Island.



Sun woke us up so many times in the past year…


Enjoying summer in December is really wierd but it is also very easy to get used to it!



Wandering through the bush….


…around the islands….


…and across so many bridges…


…with the great people by our side…


…made our first year in New Zealand unforgettable!!

I can’t even describe you how excited I’m about what is yet to come….

Stay tuned!!


Follow me around Waiheke!


It took me just 40 minutes from Auckland downtown to get to this wonderful green island in Hauraki Gulf. Perfect idea for a short getaway! Here I have found everything I needed – fresh air, clear blue sea and the nature which is hard to describe in a few words.

This island you can explore by walking over the several trails. That was my way because I didn’t want to miss anything while I’m here. I was ready to walk for hours and it is easy to wander around the places like Waiheke, great scenery is just pushing you to go further! Lot of people come here to walk so called Te Ara Hura Trail – 100 km of walking path which lead them all over the coastline, through the native bushes and across sandy beaches.

My first stop was Oneroa, island’s main village just 20 minutes from the port. I just sat for a while on the Little Oneroa Beach and the sound of the ukulele played by this guy in front of me just perfectly completed the picture…



Then I got here. Wandering around the Promenade led me to this small, peaceful beach called Surfdale. I can easily imagine it as my little secret place!


Wiheke is famous for its vineyards. I saw those places on the photos and I was really excited about finally getting there! You can take a vine tour and taste the product of this wonderful green fields…




Beaches here really look like those from the brochures which are inviting you to go and visit the dream destinations. After a walk through the bush I arrived to the sandy Palm Beach. It is one of those places!




After almost eight hours walking I had to go back to the port to catch the ferry. All I need to do now is plan my next trip to this island because Waiheke is definitely worth visiting more than once…



All around Sardinia

I’m sure that already everybody is waiting for the hot sunny days and the time to get lazy on the beach. Did you already think about your summer destination? On what beach would you like to spend a few days? I can suggest you one great island with awesome climate, long sandy beaches and everything else that you may wish for. Go to Sardinia! As I have already told you the cheapest way to get there is from Venice or Trieste. Look for the cheap plane tickets on the Ryanair site, fly to Cagliari and let it be the first stop of your summer adventure.

Day in Cagliari

Spend a day walking around the beautiful, colored, narrow streets of Cagliari. Go to the Rampart of Saint Remy and don’t forget to be there during the sunset. You don’t want to miss that! Cagliari IMG_2284 IMG_2314 Enjoy on the beaches!

Poetto is a city beach ten minutes from the center. It is usually very crowded so maybe it is better for you to go a bit away from the town. Beaches that you definitely need to go to are Chia and Costa rei. Those places are great for a day trip so take some food for the picnic and spend a day on the sand.





Costa rei

Costa rei

Take a train ride to Alghero

Catch a train from Cagliari to Alghero and you will get there in around 5 hours. This place has beautiful old town and I’m sure that you will love it too. Take a walk along sea walls and Piazza Civica, visit Cattedrale di Santa Maria and Forte della Madalena. If you don’t know where to stay you can always take a tent with you and spand a night on the one of the camping sites. We did that and it was really great! Alghero Camp in Palau

Palau is a small municipality in the province of Olbia. It is a really nice small port town and a great place for hiking. Take a walk to the Capo s’Orso and have a great view over the archipelago. If you are for some kitesurfing, sailing or diving go to the Porto Pollo beach. It is more than 3 km long and it is definitely best place to enjoy in the water sports. Palau La Madalena archipelago

Maybe one of the most beautiful places here is La Maddalena archipelago. Crystal clear sea, rocky terrain and Pink beach (Spiagga Rossa on Budelli, one of the islands of the Archipelago) is what makes this place special. You can get here by ferry from Palau, it takes only 15 minutes. Take a walk through La Maddalena town, have a lunch in one of the restaurants and buy some souvenirs. Of course, find your spot in one of the coves. It is time to get a tan! La Madalena

Message on the wall

When I arrived in Cagliari, Sardinia, the last thing I thought that I’d come across was imaginative and very strange street art. All around the town you can see paintings on the walls and almost all of them have a message for you. I can’t say that it is the finest quality of art but it makes this town full of colors and it is a great way to spread certain messages. This is the painting that I like the most.


Weekly photo challenge: orange

First thing that came to my mind when I saw this theme of the weekly photo challenge was this photo. I caught this moment early in the morning, we were on the way back home from Dugi otok, one of the islands of Zadar archipelago. And who doesn’t like orange? 🙂 I love it, especially if it has something in common with a beautiful sunrise.