Just got back from Tauranga!


Not so long ago our friends from Croatia also arrived on the Working Holiday in New Zealand. If someone told us a year ago that we will spend the summer on the other side of the globe together we wouldn’t believe it. But here we are and it’s good to have someone from back home around here!

As we already opened our camping season we are trying to be in the nature as much as we can. This time, as a destination for sleeping under the stars, we chose Tauranga, town on the east coast in the region called Bay of Plenty. It is unbelievable how beautiful this country is. I’m still not used to the fact that on every corner you can stop to check out some great spots. First stop on our way to the southeast were Hanua Falls.


It is very easy to find waterfalls in New Zealand, they are all over the place! And I was just thinking, is there a better place to relax, make some coffee and just enjoy the sound of the water? That is what I like the most about camping – you can stop wherever you want, whenever you want, choose a small piece of the meadow and make it yours for a while. That was our next step, Owharoa Falls.



If you are going to travel around this part of New Zealand, a great place to spend a night is Mclaren Falls Park. Camping area is huge so you can come here with a tent or camper. Very nice thing about this park is that here you can find a few walking trails. If you will wander during the night around the Waterfall Track you can even spot glow worms. Beautiful nature and all facilities you might need for 10$ pp make this camp a perfect place to stay.




You can never tell what the weather will be like around here so it can be hard to plan outdoors activities if you are going to rely on the weather forecast. We had a bit of everything. Rainy mornings, hot sunny days, windy evenings, and you know what? It was perfect!

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