Cycle path to the Lake Bohinj

Where do you go for an active weekend? A few months ago we really wanted to go somewhere to enjoy outdoors. As we love to ride a bike and to spend time out in the nature we decided to sit on a train and just cross the border to the neighboring Slovenia. We went there from Zagreb, stopped in Ljubljana and spent three days in Bohinjska Bistrica. It’s a small village where I booked a place on a farm and the whole weekend was just about cycling all aroundBike trail 16 kilometers long took us through the woods, along the river to the Lake Bohinj all the way to the waterfall Savica. Weather was perfect, surroundings so beautiful and the fresh air was just what we needed…It was a real treat  

7 thoughts on “Cycle path to the Lake Bohinj

  1. How lovely. Slovenia is on my “to go” list and now a cycling excursion looks like it is on the “things to do in Slovenia” list! We have some great cycling trails in NZ too!

    1. Thank you! You should definitely put this spot in your travel plans! We still didn’t enjoy in cycling around New Zealand but we will for sure! Do you have a favorite cycling trail around here??

  2. Lovely photos, especially of the waterfalls! Bohinj is one of my favourite places 🙂 You’ve captured it really well!

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