Lot of luggage for a one year trip? NO!

So, you got it! You have a Working Holiday Visa for New Zealand in your pocket and now it is time to buy a plane ticket and to pack your bags. Where to start? Of course first you need to decide when you want to depart. Visit those popular web sites (Skyscanner, Momondo, Kayak, eDreams) to find the best flight deals, choose the date and you are one step closer to your adventure! Have one thing in mind, maybe you will need a transit visa for your stopovers during your flight. It depends from which country you are, in my case I needed it for Australia although it was just a technical stopover!

You know that seasons in New Zealand are in most cases a bit invert compared to other countries? Have that in mind but in the other hand you will be here for at least one year so you will have the chance to experience all the seasons. You are probably wondering what to pack for a one year trip? It mostly depends on what kind of traveler you are but important thing is no to exaggerate because you will travel around a lot and with less luggage it will be much easier… It is better to take a backpack then a suitcase, be careful and don’t exceed the permitted weight.

First and the most important are documents

Put all documents at one place. It’s good to have file folder with all the important papers like plane tickets, travel insurance certificate, visa, birth certificate and all the photocopies. It’s good to have it with you. When you will be entering New Zealand they may ask you to show the bank statement which confirms that you have enough money on your bank account (usually it is 4200 NZD), so don’t forget to take that too. If you are not coming here with a job offer you will need international driver license to get IRD number. And of course you will need it because you will definitely have to go on a road trip, so don’t forget to take it with you!


You will be in New Zealand for a whole year so you need clothes for all the seasons. Don’t take everything from your closet – take only your favorite clothes. Also, think about special occasions like job interviews, parties and going out outfits. Swimwear and of course warm fleece and a wind jacket are on the list too.

When it is about footwear take comfortable walking shoes, dress shoes and boots.


Most of your toiletries you will buy when you get to the destination but it’s good to have a small starter kit just to have it with you when you arrive. If you have to take some medicines take also the prescriptions because sometimes you have to show on the border that it is yours. Also, the flight to New Zealand is a long one so toothbrush and toothpaste are a good idea if it’s not something that your airline will give you.

Electronic devices

For sure you will take your camera, you have to capture all the great moments.

To stay in contact with your family and friends you have to have an electronic device. Take your laptop with you. You will need it for skype, to store bunch of photos and of course it will help you to find a job. Other than that maybe you can use it to write a few sentences about your trip. Maybe you can even start a travel blog!

Think about taking an unlocked mobile phone – it will definitely save you some money and in the other hand you will need New Zealand mobile number to give it to the employers when you will be applying for jobs. And you will give your new number to all the great people you will meet on the way!

One more important thing is power converter/adapter. In New Zealand you will need one so your plug could fit into a New Zealand socket.

What about cabin bag?

When it is about a cabin beg check which items are not allowed on the plane. Things that you need to have handy are: plane tickets, passport, copy of your visa, credit card and of course a bit of cash. Put your file folder in your cabin bag and you will be sure that you have everything with you.

You are ready!!

That’s it, you are ready for a trip! Packing really don’t have to be the worst thing just make it as simple as you can. Don’t take too much luggage because in the end you will realize that you don’t need it. Take only the important stuff and leave a lot of space for a wonderful memories!

Karekare Falls

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