The view from the cliffs of Howth


During our trip to Dublin, I already wrote about, visiting Howth wasn’t really part of our plans. How did we get there in the end? Good question! We spent one week in Dublin, packed up our backpacks and rushed to the airport. But we didn’t make it. Our plane left Ireland without us and we had to stay a few more days. In that moment we were really angry but in the end it made us happy. We agreed: “Now we can go on a trip to Howth that was suggested to us by the man we met on the road.” And so we did.

When you think about Ireland first thing that comes to your mind is probably beer, music and grass that can’t be greener, but what about cliffs? Here was our chance to wander around those huge rocks that are one of the most famous landmarks here. The closest place to do that is Howth, small village near the capital. We took the train and in less than half an hour we were on this beautiful peninsula. As we left the train, there it was, wonderful view over the harbor where fishing boats are waiting for someone to release the ropes. This harbor is even more special because every step you take will be followed by the monk seals that are swimming along the waterfront waiting for you to throw a fish. You can see fishermen are their best buddies.

Baily lighthouse

There are four different routs to get to the cliffs. Of course we choose the hardest and the longest one. We thought to ourselves: “We are now here and we need to see every corner of this magnificent place.” On our way we passed by the castles, over big golf courses and near the lighthouse Baily from where the view is amazing!

To make our adventure even more interesting we got a bit off the marked trails. We wandered among big mansions making sure that we don’t get run over by fast fancy old timers. For a moment it looked like we were in the old movie and we loved it. Beautiful surrounding gardens gave us a chance to rest a little bit while the gentle breeze was constantly blowing.

On the way back to the port we left the perfect scenery behind us and the only thought in our heads in that moment was: Missing our flight wasn’t that bad experience at all!

Your story: What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about Ireland?

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