Three things I love about Bruges

If somebody ask you to tell us something about the favorite things you encuntered in any city, what will it be? Let me tell you what I love about Bruges.

Picturesque surroundings

When you are in Bruges it feels like you are part of a fairy tale where your role is to wander around and to discover everything that this small town on the West Flanders has to offer. We arrived in Bruges late at night and I think that it was perfect time because those old buildings and small houses look even more strange and mysterious. Finding ourselves on the main square when the clock ticked midnight gave us feeling that we are all alone and that empty streets are just waiting to show us where will lead us. Medieval surroundings at night impressed us so much that we didn’t really know what to expect in the morning when the sun comes up and when thousands of tourists come out on the squares of Bruges. We had morning coffee near the famous belfry and the colorful buildings that were all around us just gave the special touch to this irresistible Belgium jewel.

All kind of sweets

Is there anybody who doesn’t like chocolate? While you are exploring Bruges you will realize that on every corner you can enter in the small colorful shops that will present you all kind of nice, tasteful, imaginative chocolates. You will not be able to resist to all those candies, mignons and marzipan that are nicely stacked in display windows. In the moment you will feel like you are in the sweet wonderland so start your adventure and try some of this imaginatively decorated morsel that will melt in your mouth. Other than chocolates you should definitely try waffles. Whether they are filled with all kind of fruit, chocolate or with fresh homemade jam that will awake all your senses, it doesn’t matter, pour it with some delicious topping and you will be ready for the next chapter of your trip to Bruges.           


Canals of Bruges

This town is often called Venice of the north but to be honest I can’t really compare this two cities. For me Bruges is far more beautiful than this popular Italian destination. Maybe it is because it’s not so crowded like Venice and it allows you to enjoy every step that you take there. All those canals that are passing through Bruges keeps you calm. Even if it’s bad weather it doesn’t matter because rain drops that are hitting the water compose the music that creates special atmosphere. It seems like every canal is telling its own story and the bridges that take you from one side to another are so nice and small, looking like somebody painted them.

So, this is what I love about Bruge and here you can read a bit more about this small town in West Flanders!


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