Idea to move from Croatia and live somewhere else was in our heads for a few years but we didn’t really have a good plan on how to do this. Our first idea was to move to Sweden and that was one of the reasons why we went there in October, to see what it would look like to live there. We loved that Scandinavian country, and you never know, maybe we will end up there someday, but in the meantime something else happened. Recently New Zealand allowed Croatians to apply for a Working Holiday Visa so we applied and at first we really didn’t think that both of us will get it because there were only 100 visas. In less than a month we got the answer from an officer that had our cases. The answer was positive, our application is approved and we can go to New Zealand!!! I would like to pack the bags and leave straight away but there are a few things we need to arrange before we leave our country. First of all, I need to quit my job!

After one year there I don’t know what will be, but honestly I don’t care, as Doris Day says in her famous song: “Que sera, sera whatever will be, will be, the future’s not ours to see, que sera, sera”. Now I don’t really know what to expect from New Zealand but for some reason I think we’ll love it. We read a lot about that place and it seems like a very nice place to live. Great thing is that our friends also applied for  a visa and got it so we will meet them there at the end of the year. We are leaving on 5th of June and until then we have enough time to save some money, to rent our place out and for me to quit my job. I have to say, that part really makes me happy! Past three years in the office were OK but now I’m ready to discover something else, something new. I think that New Zealand will be a great place to start!!!

Your story: Have you been to New Zealand? What do you think about the life there?

5 thoughts on “WE ARE MOVING TO NEW ZEALAND !!!!

  1. This is so exciting!! NZ is a beautiful place I am told. I have very good friends living there..and I am sure you guys will have a great adventure. All the best for this new phase of life.

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