A few days in Croatia


I haven’t been around for a while and you know why? We went home for the holidays! After year and a half we went to Croatia to check out what’s going on around there. It was really nice to see everyone, have a beer and talk about all the novelties. Year and a half is a long time and a lot of things happened. Everyone was interested in how’s life here in New Zealand and we were curious in what has changed back home since we left…

img_20170116_101134img_20170110_133828img_20170110_133517img_20170110_133507It was a great month overseas, a bit cold though! We forgot how cold it can get so this trip reminded us that ten degrees under zero and snow is a part of every winter in Croatia. In New Zealand winter is so mild and, you know what, I like that a lot!

Now we are back. After more than 30 hours in the air we landed in Queenstown, ready for the summer season all the way down on the south!


Check out here, in my previous posts, why you should visit my hometown and how beautiful Zagreb can be under the snow!

Spring is here!

I’m so happy because the spring is here! Days that we will spend in Zagreb, before leaving for New Zealand, now will be sunny and warm, all what I hoped for! It is the best part of the year and the perfect time to visit the capital of Croatia.

In early spring this tree becomes one of the most photographed spots on Tomislavac, place where everybody is coming to catch a few sun rays after the cold and gloomy winter. Beauty of this pink tree is not fixed, it is ephemeral, so I was lucky because I had the chance to see it in all its glory!

Perfect white Saturday in Zagreb

This Saturday was a perfect day to walk around the streets of Zagreb. Temperature was somewhere around zero, sun was shining and we just had to take our camera and “catch” a few photos. We walked from the lower to the upper town and here you can see which snow scenes did we brought home with us. Enjoy!

Woods around the lake Bundek.

Here we are on the river Sava. This is the view from one of the bridges.