Wai – O – Tapu: Real power of the earth!


When you will be planning your trip to New Zealand I’m sure that geothermal city Rotorua will be the part of your itinerary. This small town in the Bay of Plenty region is part of the Volcanic Zone and it is something that you can’t see very often. That’s why we went there again – to make sure that we didn’t miss something last time when we visited Rotorua during our first road trip around New Zealand.

What you will find here is everything about Maori culture, hot natural pools, geysers and mud pools – real beauty of the nature. While walking around the lake Rotorua or through the steam of the Kuirau Park you will definitely see and feel the power of the earth. In this post I’ll take you to the Wai – O – Tapu Thermal Wonderland, place of the enchanting geothermal activity and unique volcanic features, just the show you how alive the earth really is…