Little heaven called Ambury Park


Spring is finally here! Days are longer, temperatures are higher, grass is greener and people are somehow happier. I really love this time of the year here in New Zealand especially because the camping season is just around the corner and I can’t wait to find another perfect spot for my tent.

While we are waiting for those long weekends we decided to spend Sunday in one of the Aucklands regional parks. Ambury Park is just half hour drive from our house and I don’t know how I didn’t discover it sooner! Part of this park is a working farm where everyone is welcome and everyone can wander around and mingle with the animals, part is a heaven for the birdwatchers because here is identified more than 86 species of birds, part is a huge picnic area where we enjoyed our first days of spring and part is the camping area where my tent will also find its place, just down there near the sea.

This day made me so happy. And who wouldn’t be happy here, in this little heaven called Ambury…




Spring is here!

I’m so happy because the spring is here! Days that we will spend in Zagreb, before leaving for New Zealand, now will be sunny and warm, all what I hoped for! It is the best part of the year and the perfect time to visit the capital of Croatia.

In early spring this tree becomes one of the most photographed spots on Tomislavac, place where everybody is coming to catch a few sun rays after the cold and gloomy winter. Beauty of this pink tree is not fixed, it is ephemeral, so I was lucky because I had the chance to see it in all its glory!