Colors of Duder Regional Park


We found the perfect destination for a day trip just half an hour from Auckland. Duder Regional Park in Clevedon is one more beautiful example of New Zealand stunning nature. Spending the day outdoors, just walking up and down the hills, was what we were looking for. It is great how fast here you can find a place that will make you happy. That’s one more reason why I really love this country!

The weather was perfect for wandering around. It wasn’t sunny all the time and we were happy because of that, and you know why? The sun in New Zealand is not friendly at all. You can’t stay outside for a longer time during the sunny day. After ten minutes without the shade the skin start to hurt because of the heat. It took us some time to get used to that and now I’m taking the sun block cream and my hat whenever I leave the house.


This park is open to the public from 1995 when Duder family sold the land to the Auckland Council. Now you can choose between three easy walking tracks – blue, yellow or red. For the longest one you need around two hours.


Sheep are enjoying the grasslands all over the park and they really fit perfectly into the picture…


Colors are really beautiful! Look at that blue sea and green pastures! You just have to love the nature here. I adore it!



Duder Regional Park definitely fulfilled our expectations. New Zealand convinced us one more time that it doesn’t matter where we will go because there’s no way that we can go wrong!



In the new year I wish you a lot of new stamps in your passport!!


DSC03935 (2)

When I visited Cathedral Cove for the first time I knew that we will be back again! I have to say that now it looks a bit different because during our visit in the winter we were almost alone here and this time it was covered with the travelers from all over the world and it made it even more beautiful…


It seems like a perfect place from where I can wish you all the best in the new year. Somehow I feel that for me this will be the special year and can’t wait to see where it will lead me… And to you, my fellow travelers, I wish you an exciting and adventurous year and a lot of new stamps in your passport!!

Happy travels!!