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This is the view from our balcony early in the morning and housesitting gave us the opportunity to enjoy in this magnificent sunrise...

This is the view from our balcony early in the morning. House sitting gave us the opportunity to enjoy in this magnificent sunrise…

One of the first things that we are all thinking about when planning a trip is definitely accommodation. And who wouldn’t want to save some money and stay for free almost anywhere in the world?

It has been almost three months that we are in New Zealand and we paid for the accommodation only for the first few days after we arrived. Yes, it is possible and here is how you can do that too!

If you like animals and taking care of them is something that would make you happy, house sitting may be a perfect way for you to live anywhere in the world for free. That is how we are living here, on the other side of the globe.

When we started planning our New Zealand adventure we had to find the cheapest place to stay. This country is pretty expensive, it is really hard to find a place under 150$ a week, and with those prices our budget definitely wouldn’t last for long. Luckily I found an article about the house sitting and here we are, currently on the second house sitting assignment.

How it works?

It is really simple. Owners are going on a trip and they are looking for someone who would like to take care of their home while they are away. On the web you can find a few sites through which you can arrange a house and pet sitting. In our case we used the Kiwi house sitters site and Trusted house sitters site. The first one is only for New Zealand and on the other one you can find apartments and houses located all over the world.

To use this sites as a sitter you have to pay. Kiwi site is 65 NZD for a year and the other one is 77.97 NZD for a three months or 131.88 NZD for the whole year. Through the sites you can find a house that suits you, contact the owners and arrange the visit. Try to create interesting and informative profile which will help you increase your chances to get the house sitting assignment. Tell something about you, show why you are a perfect sitter for their pets and don’t forget to put a few cool photos. When you finish your assignment the owners will leave a review on your profile and it will definitely be a big plus for you when you will be looking for the new houses.

People here often have cute alpacas as a pets. Aren't they funny???

People here often have cute alpacas as a pets. Aren’t they funny???

The thing which you have to have in mind is that the owners want you to spend time with their pets so you have to be ready to do that. The worst thing you can do is to take the assignment and then leave the pets alone at home all day long. Think about this if you are planning to look for a job while you are house sitting. Sometimes the owners are looking for the people who will just take care of the house while they are gone so consider this possibility if you think that you will be out a lot.

House sitting definitely makes our traveling easier. We are meeting great people, enjoying the company of a wonderful dogs and cats and of course we have a chance to live in the great houses located on the beautiful locations.

Soon it is time for another housesit and we are more then ready to meet our new furry friends!

Sophie and I

Sophie and I


With them every day is a perfect day!


It doesn’t really matter where I am as long as I have a great company with me! Traveling with friends makes my travels even more special. I don’t know about you but the thing that makes my adventures complete is have the opportunity to immediately share that great moments of happiness with the people who are part of my life. Traveling alone have many advantages, but I will always choose to travel with a few of my fellows whose presence makes me happy from sunrise to sunset!

Cagliari, Sardinia

Cagliari, Sardinia

Porto, Portugal

Porto, Portugal

Bavaria, Germany

Road trip New Zealand North Island (II)

After first three days on the road and all the beautiful nature around us we wanted more! We didn’t really have planned what we want to do and where we want to go because it is definitely more exciting to plan while you are on the move. After Coromandel, Rotorua and Taupo I took the map to see where to next! It is easy to travel like that when you have a car and our campervan was a perfect choice for the trip like this one. We rented it in one of the chepaest rentals here and it completely met our expectations!

When you have the equipment like this one in you trunk you can go to the end of the world!

So, our next stop was Cape Kidnappers, the home of the largest gannet colony in the world and I have to say: that huge sandstone looks really fascinating! You can’t get to the cape by car but of course there are other ways. You can take a helicopter, ride the tractor along the beach or you can walk from Clifton. It is eight kilometers long walk and it is possible to complete it only if you start at the right time. Before you go check the low tide times and make sure to have enough time to do the return walk. And what about the name of this cape? As captain Cook’s journal says in 1769. Maori wanted to kidnap Tiata, servant of a member of captains’ Cook’s crew. He was in the water when a Maori dragged him on their fishing boat but Cook’s sailors opened the fire and Tiata manage to escape. There it is, that is why today we have the place called Cape Kidnappers!


On the next day we continued our ride to Wellington. On the way to the south we stop in Manawatu Gorge and went for a walk. It is really nice place where you can enjoy in the native bush and in the views of the river, reserve or windfarms. This track is situated east of the Palmerston North, it is on the SH 3, you can’t miss it!

In the end we arrived to Wellington, colorful small coastal city and we loved it! Finally we know why it is called “the coolest little capital in the world” and we totally agree with that nickname!

Food market is definitely great place to eat something delicious. Here you can find the food from all over the world.

While we were there we didn’t want to miss the chance to visit the seal colony at the Owhiro Bay. At the end of the 40 minutes long walk, to the Red Rocks, colony of around 150 seals are waiting for you. This rocks are formed by undersea volcanic eruptions and obviously make a perfect home for this cute creatures. Oh, what a perfect way to finish a road trip, isn’t it?

Time for the road trip: New Zealand North Island

We just got back from our seven day road trip around North Island. Oh man I enjoy it so much! Starting point was Auckland and we got all the way to Wellington. This trip was pretty different from our other trips and here is the story about the first three days on the way down. Maybe this could be a part of your great itinerary for a future trips around New Zealand.

From Auckland we went to Coromandel peninsula. We watched many videos about it and just needed to experience this magnificent place on our own. First stop was Hot Water Beach on the east side. Some volcanoes develop underground reservoirs full of the superheated water and sometimes it just escape to the surface. People from all over the world come here to enjoy in the private thermal hot pools. How to do it? You need to arrive here at the time of the low tide, dig up a whole in the sand (if you don’t want to dig with the hands you can rent a shovel) and the hot water with a temperature of 64 degrees will come up. Pretty simple, isn’t it?!

Hot Water Beach

Hot Water Beach

Hot Water Beach

Hot Water Beach

Other place on this peninsula, not far away from the Hot water beach, is Cathedral Cove, THE place with a naturally formed archway. I don’t know did you ever had the chance to see it but I’m impressed with it! We definitely have found the spot where we will spend the hot summer days. You can get there by foot, boat or kayak and it doesn’t matter what way you will choose because all the ways that lead here are impressive!

Here is the start of the walk to the Cathedral Cove

Here is the start of the walk to the Cathedral Cove

Cathedral Cove

Cathedral Cove

City that we were very exciting to finaly visit was Rotorua in the Bay of Plenty region. This small town is mostly known for its geothermal activity, geysers and hot mud pools. The steam was following us all the time! It was a real experience to walk around the Kuirau Park while on every step something evaporates. It is definitely special place, we never saw anything like it. If you would like to take a bath in one of the thermal pools you can find few in Waiotapu and in Kerosene Creek which are about 30 km south of Rotorua. Just be careful and don’t dip your head in the water, it is not really healthy.

Kuirau Park

Kuirau Park


Kerosene Creek, Waiotapu

Clear beautiful night greeted us in Taupo, small town located on the shore of Lake Taupo. The scenery here is magnificent, you can just sit on the coast and enjoy the atmosphere! Spots like this one are definitely one of the reasons why we came to New Zealand and we are happy because in this country stunning places are on every corner. While you are here don’t forget to stop on the Huka Falls, choose a trail for a walk or biking alongside the falls. It is a perfect place for a picnic, so take something delicious to eat!

Lake Taupo

Lake Taupo

Huka Falls

TIP: New Zealand is heaven for camping. Here you can find lot of areas where you can pull over, park your car or set up your tent and it is mostly for free! Here are my suggestions for this part of the North Island: Railway Reserve south of Coromandel Peninsula, Reid’s Farm near the Lake Taupo (this place is perfect) and ANZAC park which you can find just off the State Highway 2, right before Norsewood.

Road trippin’ continues!

Happy travels!

Reid’s Farm

Travels for happiness

When I saw this week’s theme of the photo challenge the first thing that came to my mind is, as you can guess, traveling. For me as a journalist inspiration is probably the most important thing and travels are constant source of it. Meeting different people and cultures, tasting food from all over the world, doing something new and exciting every day, plan trips and dream about future destinations, yes, that is an inexhaustible source for the stories. In the end, everybody has something that inspires them and in my case I’m trying to use my inspiration to inspire you to go and meet the world…