Winds of the Bethells Beach

Bethells Beach

Here I’m, on the Bethells Beach. One of the beaches on the western Auckland’s coast and the place called heaven for surfers. There’s a great reason for that name, of course, the wind is blowing continuously and the waves are huge! It was one of the first places that we visited when we arrived to New Zealand. It’s really magnificent and it keeps calling us back. Maybe this is the spot that will become my muse.


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Milford Beach

Milford Beach

So, here we are, in New Zealand, literally on the other side of the globe! We arrived twelve days ago, and I have to tell you, we are enjoying every second here! Because of ten hours of the time difference jet lag was pretty strong so it took us some time to get used to it but now we are ready for a great adventure.

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Check out a few photos from the beginning of our trip!