Spring is here!

I’m so happy because the spring is here! Days that we will spend in Zagreb, before leaving for New Zealand, now will be sunny and warm, all what I hoped for! It is the best part of the year and the perfect time to visit the capital of Croatia.

In early spring this tree becomes one of the most photographed spots on Tomislavac, place where everybody is coming to catch a few sun rays after the cold and gloomy winter. Beauty of this pink tree is not fixed, it is ephemeral, so I was lucky because I had the chance to see it in all its glory!


Message on the wall in Cagliari

When I arrived in Cagliari, Sardinia, the last thing I thought that I’d come across was imaginative and very strange street art. All around the town you can see paintings on the walls and almost all of them have a message for you. I can’t say that it is the finest quality of art but it makes this town full of colors and it is a great way to spread certain messages. This is the painting that I like the most.


Weekly photo challenge: orange

First thing that came to my mind when I saw this theme of the weekly photo challenge was this photo. I caught this moment early in the morning, we were on the way back home from Dugi otok, one of the islands of Zadar archipelago. And who doesn’t like orange? 🙂 I love it, especially if it has something in common with a beautiful sunrise.